Blokes Get It Easy

Here’s a post for the man/men in your life!

Years ago men would put as much effort into their grooming and attire as women did.

Now before you start snorting with derision let me clarify – I’m talking about 300 years ago!

Take a look at this picture:

C17 fashionable man

C17 fashionable man

Now just how long it took this lad to get out the door is anybody’s guess – but I bet it was the best part of a couple of hours!What a dandy! Just imagine he would have been hogging the bathroom mirror, watching for holes in his tights, and putting up with lots of discomfort in an effort to be fashionable.But of course times have changed, and Australia boasts (?) one of the most casual dress codes in the world. I can hear the womenfolk moaning from here: “After all I do to look good, why can’t my bloke just put in a teeny bit of effort?”As in most things, guys will take the path of least resistance. Not only in that they get their women to buy their clothes (right?) but also keeping them looking more or less presentable.BUT, the good news is it doesn’t take a lot of work for a guy to be really outstanding in his image.Here’s some basics on how to do it:

  1. Pull together a nice outfit – 3 pieces and some stylish shoes will do it. Like this:

2.  Add a scarf to a casual outfit – loop it round the neck or drape outside your jacket lapels

3. Hunt down some killer shoes – women REALLY notice a stylish shoe

4. Forget the acid wash, grungy, hole-y jeans and get some in a dark wash that fit well. Be prepared: you WILL get comments!

5. Wear a hat. It is so rare now (I’m not talking baseball caps here guys!) that a confidently worn hat will get noticed and score points for style.

Check out if you can do with some expert help on your image. No point passing up the big-bucks promotion or that hot date just because you lack the time to sort it all out for yourself.

That’s it for now. ‘Til next time –



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