Calling All Cows!

People often ask me : “what is in fashion right now?”

The simple answer is “whatever is in the stores”!

Right now you would have had to have been under a rock to miss one of the major looks of the winter fashion season: leather

Which, to my mind, looks best on cows.

But I digress.

If you want to give the leather/pleather/PU look a try here’s some pointers:

  • Little people – ie petites, not leprechauns – need to watch for too much BULK. Not doing you any favours
  • Real leather will have some give; but both fake and real leather can be real hot!
  • Beware the fashions marked as “biker” styles if you plan to take to motorcycling for real. Go to a bike shop and you will see what I mean (and yes, I have a motorcycle license). For instance don’t fall for the skinny leather pants, or you won’t be able to swing your leg over the bike.
  • If you can try to ascertain if the leather is ethically sourced.
  • PLEASE don’t do the head to toe leather thing – just don’t.
  • Remember that leather jackets will “creak” when you move. Nothing wrong with that but it can be off-putting if you are the shy type.
  • Pleather/leather is good for holding in curves – unless it is really shiny in which case it will accentuate every bump
  • If you want to try a style, instead of the $1154 pair of leather pants at DJs, try the Glassons version instead and see how much wear you get from them.
On Sale at DJs $1154 J Brand

On Sale at DJs $1154
J Brand

One thousand dollars cheaper - Glassons

One thousand dollars cheaper – Glassons

Hope this helps – enjoy the new winter fashions!

Need a hand with the new styles – drop me a line



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