Colour of the Year

Peak body for all things colour, Pantone has announced the 2015 colour of the year and it is – well – an unusual choice!

MARSALA is the name of this reddish-brown hue, and you will be seeing it in stores and on home-wares, advertising and possibly cars as well. To me, it is a wintry type of colour – so I suspect the winter fashion drops are more likely to carry it.

Here is a selection of items in this colour.


My feeling is that those who wear Autumn tones well, plus some of our muted Summer types will carry this off to perfection. Darker, more intense versions may suit the Winter types, and our Springs will probably loathe it – which is good as I think it will look ghastly on them!

What do you think of it? Would you wear it?

‘Til next time

Stay Stylish!

Jeanette x   


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