How Not to Look Desperate!

The 2018 Golden Globes was a showcase of modern fashion – some interesting, some ho-hum and some REALLY TACKY! Since it is our film stars and celebrities that drive the fashion industry forward (luckily there is also momentum from street-and grassroots- fashion) it is only fair to weigh in on the questionable sartorial choices of the stars. (Or their stylists, some of whom need job reassignment :-0 )

Exhibit A. Sharon Stone

Even if you are slender, there comes a time when a dress like this is not a good idea.  At 59 years of age, her skin is no longer as tight as a drum – and this dress showcases that to perfection. Not the effect she was after I am sure.

Here is another lass from the Golden Globes event. How is this for gorgeous? 72 years young, Helen has a wonderful sense of style and always delivers.

Big difference – and Helen is a joy to behold!

So, don’t be afraid to cover up a little – less is more as they say. If in doubt, it probably is not right for you but send me snap anytime and I can give you a second  opinion if you like.

Fashion still is wonderful, transformative and fun – let’s also make it attractive for those that have to look at us too!

Stay Stylish!



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