I Hate “Makeovers”! Part 1

As a wardrobe stylist, I have taken a professional interest in the art of the “makeover” particularly as displayed on our television screens. And let’s face it, this is not about learning “what not to wear” – it IS, like everything else on commercial TV – about entertainment. For you, the viewer. Not the hapless victim.

So, you expect some cringe-worthy moments, but I confess that I NEVER get used to them. The worst scenes are where women of all shapes, sizes, and ages, are begging to be chosen by the “experts” to be publicly humiliated on national TV in the name of improving their daggy looks. It’s like giving your baby to Attila the Hun.

Any stylist worth their salt – and your money and time – should have the basics of  CPR for a woman’s self-esteem down pat. A good friend of mine, a charming male, said to me long ago “I have never met an ugly woman.” And he is right. There are as many types of beauty as there are people in the world, and yes, that does include YOU. Sometimes I have to reintroduce a woman to the lovely features about herself she has overlooked in the rush to criticise what she sees in the mirror.

One major problem is that these “experts” have no idea what they are doing! And the finished result is way worse than what they started with. (Hmmmm, shall be be cynical, and say it is all about selling yet more clothing to an already saturated market?)

Hadley Freeman of The Guardian wrote a delightful article recently that I shall share in Part 2 of this post. Meanwhile, here is a pic she included, stating that Julia Roberts was naturally prettier, and more herself in the BEFORE photo. What do you think?

PRETTY woman makeover


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