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Young Women Say No to Thongs – NY Times

The movie character of Bridget Jones made famous the concept of “Granny Pants” – largish, comfortable underwear that supposedly was an instant man repeller and therefore could not be worn by any member of the fairer sex until they were at least…oh…80 or so.

This concept was later picked up by Gok Wan, who as far as I know, has himself not worn the teensy tiny scratchy numbers he advocates for his makeover victims to look sexy in.

Indulge me while I rant just a litte…

I hate the connotation of “granny pants” – talk about ridiculous. You want underwear that covers, is comfortable, functional and makes your outerwear look as it should.

You don’t see any men in underwear that scratches, has body parts hanging out, cuts into them, rides up, or creates rolls and lines where it shouldn’t. I know we sometimes sacrifice for fashion, but uncomfortable underwear is a bridge too far.

One mission on my recent overseas trip was to find some decent underwear. Brought some home from the UK which is almost all right.

It is beyond belief how much underwear is out there – so many styles – and most of it I consider unwearable. Target has come the closest, but it’s getting hard to find even there. One sales assistant said to me that their fastest sellers were the high cut leg, high waisted styles and they just never got enough of them in (*scratch head*).


So here is the challenge ; a high leg (much more flattering for hourglass shapes); waistband at natural waist; full cut bottom (so there is no riding up or VPLs); a breathable fibre (bamboo, cotton); and elastic that doesn’t dig in. Am I asking for too much???


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