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Finding Your Personal Colour Palette

If you only ever do ONE thing to update your look – then this should be it.

Discovering your personal colour palette is foundational to your whole look – what you wear, your makeup, your hair colour, jewellery and accessories. Get this wrong and not only will your clothes be doing you no favours, you will find that you have a wardrobe that doesn’t work. And we won’t even get into what disasters your hair and makeup can wreak when they don’t suit you either.


It’s the difference between this:Lindsay chooses wrong colours and this! Lindsay chooses best colours


(Yes, this is the same woman. Both of these photos are of actress Lindsay Lohan!)

What to expect from your colour consultation

Some typical things that are covered in this session include:

    • Your colour type: warm/cool; light/deep; bright/muted
    • Your best neutrals
    • How to combine colours in a way that works best for you
    • Colours for accessories – jewellery, footwear, handbags, glasses
    • Tips for hair colour
    • How to shop with your colours (if you hate shopping, you will love this!) You will be amazed at how fast and easy it can be.

And you can ask any questions you like about colour – Jeanette is also a decorator, so ask away!

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Your personalised colour palette is your passport to glamorous or everyday looks that will always look polished and put-together.

What you gain from this session alone will last you a lifetime. Guaranteed – it will cut down your shopping time; streamline getting dressed everyday; and save you from wasting thousands of dollars. What’s not to like?


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