It’s not money that makes you well-dressed—
it’s understanding.

Christian Dior

Style by Colour Me Fabulous

Brilliant, easy dressing every day IS within your reach.

If you juggle a career, family, and a host of other responsibilities, the last thing you need is to stress over your wardrobe. The Colour Me Fabulous STYLE option can straighten out this whole area of your life superbly!:

    • Put together the day’s outfit in 5 minutes
    • Never be a victim to fashions and fads ever again
    • Become expert in transitioning day to night dressing
    • Pack a single suitcase for that trip away
    • Be stylish and prepared for every event and every part of your lifestyle
    • Have a wardrobe that works on every level—no more mistakes, no more ‘this’ll have to do’ – only outfits that are so wonderful you can’t wait to wear them!

True style icons have one thing in common: they are unique. Rather than be compressed into the fashions of their day, they found or created fashion that expressed who they were and how they wanted to be perceived by others. Their image was a very real part of creating impact in their world.

Getting Styled the Old Way

Usually stylists recreate you after their own image. They work by discovering what ‘boxes’ you fit into for

    • Colour
    • Body Shape
    • Personality

Once they have you pinned down, they give you great lists of ‘rules’ to follow. As if life wasn’t complicated enough.

You can do WAY better than that.

Like Audrey Hepburn, Jackie, Onassis, Grace Kelly (or, for the men, Cary Grant) you can pull together a look that is tailor-made to who YOU are and how you want others to see YOU.

Doing Style the Colour Me Fabulous Way

By starting with YOU, rather what is in the stores, we help solve myriad wardrobe dilemmas and problems. You will be ready for any event and have the assurance that you look stylish and confident.
    1. We work with you to define your personal style blueprint. You will know instantly what you should buy and what you should leave on the rack.
    2. We ’shop your closet’ – making new outfits from items you already own, and that fit your style blueprint.  You probably have many items already that you bought because you liked them—we show you how to make them work for you. AND you save money from not having to restock a full wardrobe.
    3. We discard any style ‘clutter’.  With less in your wardrobe to sort through each morning, dressing is fast and easy.
    4. We record outfits for you so dressing for any occasion is a breeze.Your outfit guide will be always on-hand for instant inspiration.
    5. We shop with you to fill gaps in your wardrobe. Shopping with professionals means no mistakes, no wasted time and no wasted dollars. Here in the Newcastle region, we can meet you at your centre of choice: Westfield Kotara; Charlestown Square; Stockland Green Hills; or wonderful boutique centres like Morpeth. We guide you to versatile, quality garments and accessories that you will be excited to wear.
    6. Your style blueprint is your guide to fashion that flatters and expresses your unique personality. You know how to shop successfully for yourself time after time
    7. You live life more fully, confident in who you are and your place in the world. You no longer stress or feel like you don’t measure up—after all being your unique self is the greatest gift you can give to yourself and to others.

“What do people do who are aware of their self-worth? They lead productive happy lives, take on bigger projects, become leaders, set examples and guide and support others. They build reputations and contribute to the communities around them. No longer bound by self-limiting mindsets, they make life happen.”

Lynne Marks, London Image Institute


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